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students met in atlanta to push a global movement to end it. jim clancy tells us about their cause. >> reporter: more than 60,000 young christians from around the country and around the world held candles aloft in the frosty air. their own faces shined back at them from a massive cube set up outside the georgia dome. faces of those who have pledged to light up the world and put an end to human trafficking in their lifetimes. >> slavery is trapped in dark places all over the world. it's trapped here in atlanta. in the shadows. it's in the shadows in mumbai india. it's in the shadows in cam bode yo. it's in the shadows around the world in brothels and factories. 60,000 students are going to shine a light on slavery. >> reporter: for many a journey of the christian faith one that brings them to the passion conference to worship, pray, and learn. for the past two years, they've been focusing on the unholy scourge of sexual slavery and forced labor. the 27 million victims, the billions of dollars churned out, by robbing men, women, and children of their freedom. these young men and wome
run in atlanta. the biggest consumer technology trade show kicks number of vegas today. among the highlights, a coffee table sized computer that works like a very large tablet. >>> just ahead, alabama bashes notre dame for yet another bcs title. what a game that was. >>> plus, all sorts of unexpected things can happen on live television. we got the video to prove it. >>> and "early today" in america -- a malfunctioning escalator set off panic and terror at a new jersey rail station. commuters began screaming and jumping off the descending staircase. fife people were injured in that. >>> a ton of dolphins put on an amazing show for callens on a whale-watching tour. herds like these have been known to number over 10,000. >>> finally, malls normally attract teens but not in this case. the 103-year-old colorado man you see here has been a beloved mall staple for the past 12 years. every day he spends two hours walking around the mall for a little exercise and maybe window shopping to boot. >>> in sports, bcs national championship game of college football, alabama scored on its fir
rib? all we know is you can buy them in chicago right now after a successful test in atlanta. these pictures were taken by our cameraman who grabbed them. saying they are pretty good. quote, i've had much worse and a food blogger in atlanta raves about them. mcy d's stock has not performed as well as buffalo wild wings even though wing prices vokt skyrocketed in a year. however, wing prices have leveled off since the fall. chicken production rose so farmers could get rid of birds and not having to feed them high-priced corn. not all poultry news is positive. the biggest poultry producer of all, the colonel, will fall. china is parent company yum's largest market. both baird and oppenheimer believe the problem in china is transitory like taco bell was in the u.s. however, quote, it will get worse before it gets better. mcdonald's came under fire for allegedly letting chicken wings sit at room temperature for too long like we've done here. the news there, maria, mcdonald's was already selling wings in china, who knew? >> who knew. >> those do look good. which of the two fast fo
maria molina. >> she is here with a look atlanta storm brewing -- look am in the south. >> we have a brand new storm system impacting texas and mid mississippi valley. it will be producing a lot of heavy rain. that's why we are looking at a flooding concern. the good news today with the weather is we are experiencing mild temperatures in places like the northeast. new york city the high temperature today at 47 degrees. rapid city 45 degrees for your high temperature and 50 into the 50s as we head into the afternoon in denver and colorado. looking at mild air in place. the storm system across texas already starting to reduce isolated showers across the eastern part of the state also areas in brownsville southern tip of texas. we are looking at a lot of heavy rain over the next several days associated with the storm system across eastern texas northern louisiana and places in sashing saw. the purple you see could be areas looking at 8 inches of rain. a lot of heavy rain with the storm system. some of the rain could come in the form of severe weather with large hail damaging wind gust
in georgia gaz whose home was invaded. it happened 30 miles from atlanta. when the person broke in the hid in the crawl space. when the suspect found them she shot him. it didn't kill him but sent him fleeing. because she was able to have that weapon she was able to save herself and her kids. he is currently under hospital under police custody. >> eric: that is whole point. gun control people, a lot of people say let's make it harder and more difficult. register every gun. they want to do all these things. problematic is what you are doing you are making it more difficult for law abiding citizens who want to have guns protect themselves like this lady and countless of hundreds of thousands that protect their own property and stuff from bad guys, hurt them. you inhibit them from getting guns and allow criminals to get guns. last i checked, heroin and cocaine are illegal, right? people still get heroin and cocaine, bad guys are getting it and they are breaking the law. >> so heroin and cocaine should be legal. >> no, it won't help banning guns and assault rifles. we already have an assault r
into the northern rockies. 30s in the upper midwest. 50s in dallas and atlanta. 70 in new orleans. >>> when we come back this morning, dream on. a fire sparks new safety questions about boeing's 787 dreamliner. >>> then, turning the tables. after getting a huge taxpayer bailout, why aig might try to sue the government. >>> and then, wrong way ride. what happened when a crowded escalator suddenly changed direction and went out of control? >>> welcome back. the banking industry is clearing up more of the housing meltdown mess. ten, major u.s. banks are agreeing to pay $8.5 billion to settle charges they unfairly foreclosed on millions of homeowners. some of those homeowners may get some of that money. bank of america on its own is paying $11.6 million to fannie mae to settle other claims. >>> and the huge insurance company bailed out by the government may now sue the government. "the new york times" reports american international group is thinking about joining a lawsuit that says the bailout deal cheated shareholders out of tens of billions of dollars. aig's board will decide tomorrow. >>> the new b
, in philadelphia, in atlanta, dallas, who are really beginning to break ranks with the broader d.a.'s associations and call for various types of reforms for the drug laws and drug enforcement. i think that the -- one of the contexts that's so important here and people so often lose sight of is that this bill, 1506, is a small effort in the state of california and in the country of the united states to try to roll back the horrendous rates of incarceration that have happened in this country over the last 30 years. i mean, that's the context, right? the united states, i think most of you know these numbers now, but we're less than 5% of the world's population but almost 25% of the world's incarcerated population. we rank first in the world in the per capita incarceration of our fellow citizens. the russians are fading fast in second or third place together with the belarus people. the rates of the incarceration are five, six, seven, eight times than most in other societies, europe and elsewhere, though their rates of nonviolent crime and drug use are not that much different than ours. so if another
the country. washington, mostly sunny, 52. turning cloudy in atlanta, 50. sun and clouds in st. louis, 49 degrees. partly cloudy in denver, 53. rain in seattle, 46 degrees. >>> the consumer electronic show opens today in las vegas. from huge high-def tvs to cutting edge playsets, it's a showcase of the latest gadgets. here's a sneak peek. >> reporter: crews are working to transform close to two million square feet at the las vegas convention center into a more than 40-year-old tech tradition. the consumer electronics show. >> it's the center of the digital universe. >> reporter: jim berry has helped promote the annual convention for the past 14 years and says this year's "it" product just may be the ultra h.d. television with four times the amount of pickles as regular h.d. tvs. >> they're where high-definition sets were 15 years ago, $10,000 and up. remember, now you can walk into a store and buy a high-definition set for a couple hundred bucks. >> reporter: while computers aren't getting as much attention as previous years, mobile accessories are becoming more popula
in a hurry. even this morning it's above freezing. kansas city, atlanta, it's a little chilly, minneapolis, chicago. but with a good deal of sunshine this afternoon, especially the eastern seaboard. look at this in d.c. today. 53 degrees and sunny in the second week of january. even up to boston we'll be at 44 degrees. even looking as far out as the upcoming weekend for that patriots play-off game. it's going to be in the 40s, maybe 50s. incredible weather continues. i mean this is just as good as it gets. i'm sure when we do the inauguration it will be freezing cold in d.c. but at least this week it's gorgeous. >> t-shirts and shorts. >> that's what barnicle does. he sports it. bill, thank you very much. >> but he shaves his legs, too. >> we all do. main stay of our lives. thank you, bill. all right. alabama now a bigger dynasty. they have than blake and crystal carrington. they're the most dominant wins ever in the national championship. they dismantle notre dame. we'll give await ending, 42-146789 it wasn't even really that close. here's how it got started. the teams in the tunnel befor
, he is live in atlanta which is home to the cdc. the feds sounding a serious warning here? >> they are sounding a serious warning. one of the reasons is because binge drinking could well beyond four drinks, average was six and most troubling was the prevalence among high school age girls. female high school students nearly 40% of them say they drink at some point during the average month. one in five high school students report binge drinking three times a month. it gets worse as they get older. by the time they reach the twelfth grade, two-thirds of students report binge drink. the problem is still very bad. one in five binge drink. white women reported the most and there is economic factor. highest prevalence making $57,000 a year or more. why is this all important? you alluded a little bit. 12,000 plus deaths per year among women because of binge drinking can lead to a terrible, violence, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, reduced brain function, unintended pregnancies and fetal alcohol syndrome. >> shep: alcohol has a greater effect on women. is it just the differenc
and ten women with his kids. >> in atlanta he is known for having 11 kids and ten babies' mommas. ♪ >> they say i'm the first lady. the baby momma with the most power because i control sean's finances. everybody good? amanda, the jealous baby bombma. >> yeah, whatever. you better listen. >> it's scheduled to air this spring on the oxygen network, creating controversy already. some claiming it's an attack on african-american families. but folks before you go liberal, tree-huger on me, train wreck tv is watchable. train wreck tv races through the roof. train wreck tv is color blind. >> you better watch out. ♪ ♪ >> no one going on this but me! >> round two. >> dynamic definitely changed. it's not one big happy family anymore. >> i hate you. >> we're young. >> free. >> merry-go-round. >> and buck wild! >> they're train wrecks but are we watching american society allture disintegrate or temporarily escaping the trial and tribulations of everyday struggles? greg, i don't know. i got to admit. i watch all the shows. >> greg: it's the world's greatest self-esteem movement. you turn
wings in chicago after offering the wingness atlanta. mcdonald's could take the wings national or if chicken prices are too high sell limited editions. and budweiser has a new beer ready for the super bowl and the first tv ad will run during this year's big game. that is from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg report. >> our big game saturday nights tailgating, party, wet, big pressure. >> it looks good. it looks dry for the niner game will be cold with a cold spell moving this thursday and friday. outside we go, folks, a look from the high definition rooftop camera, it is clear over san francisco. not so clear in parts of the northeast bay because we have dense fog. it will lift sooner this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows we are not picking up any return so it will be a dry day across the bay area. readings headed out napa is 37. reduced visibility. pockets of dense fog near san rafael, and 47 in fran, -- in san francisco and reduced visibility in oakland down to 8 miles there and hayward but the north bay locations including napa and fairfield, where you
to it! from mount dora, florida it's the speegle family! [cheering and applause] and from atlanta, georgia, it's the wooley family! [cheering and applause] these two
. atlanta, 53. washington, d.c., a high of 50. i'll leave you with a look at this, it includes the severe storm area. now, your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. >> coming up, we've got video and pictures of record snow from somewhere up here. you'll have to stick around to see it. for now, back to you. >> that game out of the way in miami just before the big rain. >> just in time. >> ginger, thanks very much. >>> coming up on "gma," dramatic, new details in the trial of the woman accused of killing her ex after he broke up with her. what the jury is learning, now, about the couple before their split. >>> and the million-dollar murder mystery around a lottery winner's death, just one day after he found out he had the winning ticket. >>> plus, brooke burke-charvet is here live speaking about her health struggle for the first time since her surgery. >> cannot wait to hear from her. >>> and josh is live in miami, where the fans have been celebrating all night long, josh. >> all night long, george. apparently, there's rain headed here. what do you say we get a couple of these newly m
against alabama in the s.e.c. championship game in atlanta. that's how dominant that conference really is. >> i think that's absolutely right, carlos. now, it was so one-sided last night, you almost had to look for other things for entertainment. the broadcast actually provided some sideshows there including -- i don't know if there's any other way to put it -- kind of a creepy sideshow dealing with a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. >> reporter: okay, hold on. >> i tell you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow! a.j. is doing some things right. >> superior youngster at alabama, start getting the football out and throwing it around the backyard with pop. >> reporter: okay, that's the creepy part right there because i respect brent mussburger, he's the best in the business, but dude, chill out. he was a little bit too, whoa, h hubba, hubba. brent needed to ease off. that's katherine webb, a.j. mccarron's girlfriend, the reign says miss alabama. her twitter followers went from 2300 -- she had 2300 at the beginning of the night. she topped 100,000 by
. the courts must give these men the death penalty. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, atlanta. >> i'm joined now, you were at the courthouse when the suspects were brought in. what happened? >> anderson, the five suspects charged with the murder and rape of that medical student were brought into court today. basically, so that the charges against them could be read out to them. now, the court did announce that this would be an in-camera proceeding from now on. what that means is that the public and the media will have no access to that court proceedings from now onward. and even if the media were to get information from elsewhere on the court proceedings, they would not be able to report on that. i should point out this is actually standard practice in rape cases in india, and that's presumably because rape victims do not want the public and the media around. but also there was a bit of a ruckus right before the suspects were brought in. some of those lawyers there yelling at other lawyers, their leagues, saying, quote, you cannot defend those barbarians. >> it's also going to be what is called
cooling off behind that front, only into the 40s. 41 in chicago. 50 in atlanta. we have a big warm-up to these areas coming with each day. in fact, by the end of the week, temperatures will be way above average. that's why it's going to be all rain. this rain will stretch all the way into the great lakes. later in the week it's not going to change to snow. there's not going to be any cold air in place. even on wednesday we're up to 47 in chicago. and along this warm front, a chance of showers and thunderstorms, 65 in louisville. this is going to be our big weather maker with pockets of heavy rain, but much needed rain for a lot of these areas. meanwhile, coming out of the northwest, our next storm will bring snow to the inner mountain west and all the way down into places like salt lake city, colorado's high country and up into billings, montana. our storm by friday starts to move into the east and we'll still have rain with it. look how high the rain goes. not typical for january. 57 in chicago. so the jet stream is way up to the north bringing all that mild air up. and that's goi
as quickly as beef, hamburger prices. mcdonald first tried the mighty wings product in atlanta. it did well enough it's expanded to 500 stores in chicago. we sent cnbc camera man bob pollack, let him get lunch on the company. his review, quote, they are actually pretty good. spicy, i've had much worse. believed wings could be a successful new product. quote, we note a national launch could create cost pressure on wings as it relates to supply, could result in sustained high pricing for companies selling wings such as buffalo wild wings. you want to think about margin. here is the thing they are up $1.72 a year ago to $1.92. 2012 peeked at $1.90, they dipped as football season start, consolidated concept that negotiates prices for thousands of restaurants says for its customers wing prices up 50% from a year ago but flat since autumn. it suspects normal increases to be tempered into super bowl season because of increased chicken production. though of course if mcdonald's gears up big time, guys, that could negate this increased production offset, tyler. >> jane, thank you very much. they loo
at hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta you had two security lines, one where nobody was checked and another where people were checked. where do you people who wanted to ache a gun onto an airplane would go in which like? that's the system we have. we have a background check system that looks like swiss cheese. we could take a simple step, and it would make a difference. today 40% to 50% of guns don't get a background check system. it's actually the law. we just need to close the lo loopholes and enforce it. >> pam, if nothing happens if nothing is done, does your side just forget it and move on? >> absolutely not. >> survivors in tucson have joined with mayors against another -- bev demand a plan. i encountry your viewers to go to and sign on. we have over 900,000 grass-roots supporters. everywhere i go, people come up and say what can i do? how can i help? how can i get this conversation going? i believe there is a loud minority and those of us that really care need to speak out, and going to demand a plan and signing up is one way, and all of you saw roxanna's beautiful
of two links to chicago this week after finding success in atlanta. st usually turns out products in certain markets before taking them national. prices for chicken wings have been climbing because of increasing demand. but doubts that offer the dish on a limited time offer and the months ahead. >> all that to do as the good chicken bone in a meet nugget mlb fine. -- and they will be we'll have more on the testimony and had against james holmes. also a hot air balloon party ends with a bang in southern california. we will tell you exactly what happened as the kron4 morning news continues in just two minutes. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. de
to its chicken offerings. they were tested successfully in atlanta and now chicago will get to try them. one thing that could keep them from going national is the increasing cost of wings. the prices have gone up on wings. >>> mcdonald's changing its name but only in australia. and only temporarily. the people of call it macs. it's in honor of australia day. [inaudible] >> well, the regular mcdonald's signs will return in early february. >>> the british-based virgin atlantic has chosen an american airline executive as its new chief executive officer. his name is craig eager. he's been a senior vice president with american for 23 years. he says he's looking forward to working for virgin atlantic now that it has a partnership with delta. he worked with the chief rival. british airways for sick years. that's when he headed up american -- merck -- american's -- american's asian and european operations. >>> samsung expects to report profits of 8.3 billion. that's higher than expected and up a mopping 89% from the -- whopping 89% from 2011. >>> a new report shows a big jump in holiday hiring.
rights. and then a reverend who heads up the passion church in atlanta, will give the benediction at the inauguration. the statements from the president this morning praising those twos for reflecting the ideals he says he and vice president biden continue to pursue on behalf of all americans. he'll take the oath of office on sunday the 20th and then have a public swearing in ceremony again on january 21st. gay service men and women forced to leave the military before the repeal of don't ask don't tell in 2011 are now going to get the full separation pay that they are due. thanks to the aclu who filed a class action lawsuit against a defense department policy that paid gay service members honorably discharged only half of the pay they were due. it will amount to a total of $2.4 million. the lead plaintiff in the case was an air force staff sergeant who was dismissed after nine years. the settlement covers all honorable discharges dating back to 2004. bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong,
in the windy city after successful trial run in atlanta. they will have three serving sizes to pick from. three, five or 10 piece. sounds like mcnuggets, right? options start at three bucks and come with a creamy ranch dipping sauce. this new menu item may prove to be expensive venture for mickey d's. prices of chicken wings are rising steadily over the last year. many expect prices to continue rise with demand. any reaction to mcdonald's shares? no one can say for sure. down 60 cents. melissa: shaking your head. those little bones are the worst. >>> so who is in the minority? senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and house minority leader nancy pelosi digging in over another round of tax hikes. the fierce partisan divide impact on your paycheck. that's coming up next. lori: also the flu making its way through schools and offices around the country but who is to blame? we'll tell you that. look at winners and losers from today's trading session. the dow is down 72 points. there are outperformers. celgene, check point, nuance communications among the gainers lori: at one point washington's bick
's will offer mighty wings in 500 restaurants in chicago after a successful test run in atlanta. it's only a limited time offer and there are no plans to expand it nationwide. if anything happens during the judge's segment, i'll break in during that story. >>gretchen: thank you, brian. i hope they're boneless. you'll have to get back to me on that later on. by the way, who needs congress? house minority leader nancy pelosi wants president obama to use the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling and dodge a legislative showdown. >> if i were the president i would use the 14th amendment which says the debt of the united states will always be paid. >> you would go ahead and do it? >> i would go do it, right. but the congress has incurred much of this debt. we incurred it but we're not going to pay it. if you want to say we're not going to do it so much in the future, that's another thing. but you can't say i'm not paying my past debt. >>gretchen: is that even legal? i'm joined by fox news judge napolitano. i know this is the kind of stuff that gets your blood boiling because you're a big def
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)